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Website Copyrighting, relevant authoritative content for your business sector, custom blog posts, organic SEO, inform your customers, answer industry questions

The importance of having update, relevant content for your website can’t be overstated. Google algorithms choose which sites to rank highest in search results based on a site’s content – meaning, does it answer the question for which the person is searching? So, to be found by potential customers for your business, your website needs to offer the information they seek.

Say are a local family law attorney who specializes in divorces involving children. Would a new client who doesn’t know where to start find you? They google “divorce attorney for young mom with kids” because they want an attorney who can specifically address their needs. Will they find you in the search results? If your website has a blog or page that addresses this situation, the chance are that they will. If you don’t, they won’t.

Most busy small business owners don’t have time for creating lots of new content for their websites. That’s why Cat In Hat Design offers Copyrighting as an add-on service. In order to attain, and keep, a high rank in a Google search, your website needs regular additions of relevant, authoritative content. All blog posts or page content will be 100% approved by the client before posting.

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