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At Cat In Hat Design we want you to understand each step of the website building process, even though we can handle it all for you. As a small business owner, you probably don’t have the time, or the desire, to learn all the ins and outs of web development process. This series of blogs is just to cover the basics and explain how a domain name, a web host and a website are all connected.

If you watched the video in the previous post, How and Why to Buy a Domain Name, you know that getting your address on the web is your first step. Your next step is to select a host for your website. The host is the computer server where all of the information that makes up your website is located. If you have a domain name with GoDaddy, they can┬áhost your website as a separate service. However, you can host your site with any provider and just tell GoDaddy where to “point” your address to when someone enters your domain name on the internet.

Website Hosting for the small business owner, website building, small business owner, web development, domain name, web host, website, hosting plan, business website, seo, website design, technical support, address, domain, host, hosting, site, web, web address, web designCat In Hat Design includes hosting for all the sites it develops. The first year of hosting and site maintenance is included with the cost of your site design. Currently the rate for hosting and site maintenance, after the first year, is as little as $10 a month when paid on an annual basis. We offer the following services as part of every hosting plan:

  • Regular site backups
  • Regular site maintenance
  • Unlimited Domain name email addresses
  • Regular SEO checks of your site
  • Rapid response technical support
  • Ongoing site development for just $50/hr should you want help with posting blogs, images, new pages or a whole new site layout

We aim to make the entire website building process as simple as possible for our clients, so contact us today to discuss your small business website project.

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