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Organic Search Results SEO

On September 21, 2017, Posted by , In Blog, With No Comments

You build a website, but no one visits. What’s going on?

There’s more to putting your business online than just building a website. You need to get your small business website listed with search engines and attract organic search traffic. Since Google amounts to nearly 80% of all online search traffic, this blog will focus on ranking with Google.

While the exact parameters that the Google algorithm uses to return search results is unknown, we do know many of the things Google likes, or sometimes more importantly, doesn’t like. Keep in mind that Google is a service provider and they care about providing excellent service. They became #1 in the Search Engine industry by delivering the best content for the online user. They are constantly seeking ways to stay on top by delivering the best results to their users.

So what does Google like?

  1. Good website structure. Just as we like to shop in well organized and clean stores, so does the Google bot. Sites with well defined structure, and without a lot of excess code, will let Google know that if they send someone to your site, the person is likely to have a good impression. This is why I have stuck with the WordPress platform for all of the sites I build. WordPress is inherently friendly for Google SEO as they are always updating to keep their code clean.
  2. Highlighted content. Google doesn’t want to guess why your website matters. You need to tell Google for which services or products you would like to be ranked. This i
    s why Google bots look for certain codes to tell them “pay attention to this”. There are many ways an SEO expert can optimize your site to highlight the content that highlights the services for which you want to attract clients. The more sophisticated Google algorithms become, the more you will either need to educate yourself on this topic or hire and expert to keep your site ranked in Google.
  3. Speed. Visitors don’t have the patience for a website that is slow to load and Google appreciates this. If your website is optimized to load quickly, this will earn you some points with the Google bot.
  4. Mobile Sites. More than half of internet searches are now done with mobile devices, so your website needs to be mobile ready. If two website equal in every other way, the mobile ready site will rank above an older styled site.
  5. Evergreen Content. This should make attorneys and small business owners happy be
    cause lawyers usually have a lot of great evergreen content to offer – content that is always relevant. This is the type of content that answers common questions your clients and customers ask. These questions are so common that a standard answer is generally always relevant as a first step for someone in that situation.
  6. Well Maintained Sites. If your websites has been hacked or has posted hacked content, Google wants that removed as soon as it appears. This means you need active management of your website. Active website management will also prevent and remove any generated spam on your website.
  7. Seo, business, search engine optimizationFinally, but most importantly – serve your visitors. Your website should exist to help your clients and customers, not Google. If you provide a website with great content that your visitors can easily navigate to get the answers they are seeking, Google will notice and reward your website with a higher rank.

At Cat In Hat Design we devote considerable time to continuing education in SEO website marketing, Google best practices and
website development to better serve our customers. If this article has raised any questions for you, please contact us!

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