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What Makes a Good Website Design?

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What Makes a Good Website Design?

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The answer to what makes a good website design depends on your business sector and on what your expectations are for your site. What do you want your site to accomplish? If you run a store front business you need physical traffic to your location. If you run a service out of your home, you need traffic to your preferred method of contact, whether it be phone, text or email. When we meet to discuss your website project, the first question we need to answer is what do you need your website to do?

For most clients, the first goal for their site is to let the public know exactly what services and/or products they offer. For a storefront, you don’t want them spending time on your site, but you do want the site to give a great impression so that people will take the time to come to your store. You also need to let them know exactly where you are, when you are open, and other critical information for a first visit.

If you are a service provider, there is a great deal of information you can provide on your site that will save you a lot of precious time. For example, if your initial consultation typically provides the exact same information to every client, you may want to use your website to explain generalities about your specialized field of service.

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Every website design plan should include SEO (search engine optimization) so that Google will rank your site high against your competitors. Not all website designers include SEO in their website design services, so be sure to ask about SEO before you choose a designer.

A great website will give clear information, be easy to navigate and be visually appealing. Depending on other aspects of your business, your website can do so much more than that. Whatever you can imagine, we can probably make it happen. We will handle all of the technical issues that make your site function. As the business owner, you will provide all the content. Together we will build you an excellent website that will improve your reputation and increase your business traffic.

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